5. Hong Kong – having never been to mainland China, I can’t compare HK to its big mainland sister. But what I can attest is that Hong Kong is full of great tastes and smells. Anyone who knows me has a fair idea of the extent of my love for dumplings, and Hong Kong certainly did not disappoint on that front.

4. Argentina – if you’ve ever wanted to go to a country where it’s perfectly acceptable – expected, even – to eat steak for (quite literally) breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is where. The carnivores amongst us might just think they’ve stumbled into heaven – whereas for those who like a few vegetables to appear on their plate, Argentina’s great Italian influence means they do a great pasta – albeit one that’s heavy on the, you guessed it, meat.


3. Spain – paella and tapas, need I say more? Any country which gives you a little plate of deliciousness with your beer, sangria or vino, is okay in my books. Add that that country also cooks one hell of a seafood paella (pay-e-ya), and I’m in foodie heaven. Like most things in Spain, there’s a real passion and joy applied to cooking here – and you’ve got to love that!

2. Italy – do I even need to write a description for this one? We have pizza, pasta and my personal favourite… gelati! My only advice for those heading to Italy – don’t be alarmed when those jeans don’t fit quite as well when you left as when you arrived. Any exercise undertaken to burn those “Italy pounds” will be totally worth it for the amazing food.


1. Thailand – all hail the King (Queen?) of foodie paradise. Whether it’s scrumptious pad thai bought from a Thai street vendor for 30 baht ($1) or an elaborate seafood feast (for the grand total of about $30 for 4), Thailand’s amazing varieties of food, great flavours and amazing availability – where else is the food you buy at the weekend markets better than the high end restaurants back home? – really does make it an absolutely awesome place to eat yourself silly!


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