One thing I’ve learnt from travelling is do not panic. Despite this wonderful advice, I recently had a moment where I had a minor breakdown regarding an error made on my partner’s Working Holiday Visa application. In the hopes of helping others, here’s a quick post about how easy it was to resolve.

About half a second after hitting the ‘submit’ button and watching his 200+ pounds clear his credit card, we realised the birth date was wrong. Cue panic. Immediately emailed the embassy, but didn’t hear back. Tried calling the European immigration centre – couldn’t get through as their opening hours are limited. Panic was rising.

It took about 5 days for the embassy to get back to us, by which point he’d actually received his Working Holiday Visa. We were asked to email a certain address (I’m not going to post it here as I advise contacting via the general form first) with a scan of his passport, and shortly thereafter (3 or 4 days) we received confirmation it had been amended.

Therefore, if you have messed up your application – do not worry! Your visa does not get revoked, they just update it. They don’t even reissue the visa, you are just encouraged to bring a copy of the email correspondence in case there are any issues at the border.

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