Tourism Australia has recently released a gorgeous new advert focusing on some of the Aboriginal tourism experiences titled ‘Our Country is waiting for you’. See below:

New statistics show that about 14% of tourists to Australia participate in an Aboriginal cultural experience, which I think is great. Australia has so much to offer, and undoubtedly learning about the oldest continuing culture in the world is an amazing thing.

I have been very lucky that as a result of my work, I have been able to spend a bit of time on country with Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal culture is very unique, with an incredible relationship to the land, flora and fauna, as well as rich storytelling of The Dreamtime.

Although Uluru may be the most famous Aboriginal Australian landmark in Australia, there are hundreds of Indigenous people groups in Australia, all with different significant sites and experiences.

Famous map of Indigenous language groups. Thanks

There are many different organisations offering Aboriginal cultural experiences. I would recommend looking for an organisation that is Aboriginal owned and operated, not only because you’ll get a unique insight, but because I believe Aboriginal people should receive the benefit from sharing their knowledge of their land.

For example, Four Winds Dreaming tours in the Flinders Ranges region of South Australia is Aboriginal owned and “warmly welcomes people to experience the mysterious depths of the Adnyamathanha Aboriginal culture by offering a range of Aboriginal experiences designed to provide participants with a deeper and informed understanding of this remarkable culture.”

Another amazing region to explore would be the Kimberley, where I was lucky enough to spend six weeks. Some of the tour companies available include Uptuyu 4WD tours and Wandjini Tours.

Unfortunately many of these tours are really expensive. This is understandable given what they offer and how expensive things (like petrol!) are in remote areas. However, you could also consider participating in a shorter day trip, or seeing if you can get a group together to reduce prices. You can also see a number of sites independently (I blogged about Kalumburu here), however I think that you might miss out on some great stuff!

The amazing Kimberley region. Just breathtaking!
The amazing Kimberley region. Just breathtaking!

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