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I’ve long thought one of the best things about travelling are sampling dishes from around the world. But one of the most disappointing aspects of returning home is trying to recreate those tastes in your own kitchen, only to fall well short!

While most ingredients seem more delicious when savoured in their country of origin, there have been a few easily transportable products that I’ve really loved.

Vanillatea#5 – Melvin’s Tea, Kenya

I’m not sure what it is about this delicious vanilla tea, but it is amazing! Perfect either black or with milk, it is the most delicious wake me up during a cold safari morning, and is sure to bring back all those great memories when you savour it at home. My only regret was only buying 25 bags!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.49.33 pm#4 – Nali Sauce, Malawi

Another African delicacy, I stumbled upon “Africa’s hottest peri peri sauce” when trying to spice up the pretty average truck food. Well, did it ever! Not for the weakhearted, it is made from Malawian birds eye chilis and has gained a reputation all over Africa and worldwide. I have to agree, as this sauce is not just red-hot, but has a lot of flavour which complements nearly any meal. Go on, I dare you!

#3 – Moroccan spices, Morocco

I’m a bit of a spice addict, however few places are the cook’s delight that Morocco is. Not only is it delightful to spend a morning or afternoon wandering through the souks and bazaars, but the spices are incredible. Plus, for cooking novices (like me!), you can easily grab a big bag of mixed spices for your tagine back home. Just be careful with what you can bring back through customs, and stick to those clearly labelled and well packaged. Pic:


Pic: Mr&MrsBackpacker

#2 – Kampot pepper, Cambodia

Once you have tried Kampot pepper, it is pretty difficult to go back to cooking with the regular variety. Sold all over Cambodia (and just quietly, online), this is a delicious, rich pepper that goes perfectly with all meals, but is particularly brilliant with the famous Cambodian dish lok lak. In addition, you can usually buy it in a cute little box, which makes it a perfect gift! Pic: Mr&MrsBackpacker

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.06.37 pm#1 – Sahlep, Turkey

Now for my favourite dish of all… creamy, vanilla-y, cinammon-y Sahlep! Not only is Sahlep an absolutely delicious drink that became popular during the reign of the Ottoman empire, but it is actually illegal to export true sahlep from Turkey. Therefore, the only way to get your hands on the genuine article is to visit, or convince someone to bring it back for you! (Pic: wikipedia)


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