Before my next trip – our honeymoon to the Maldives and Sri Lanka – I thought I’d do something a bit different. I don’t really focus a great deal on myself in this blog, so here’s ten facts about me. I hope they’re somewhat interesting!

1. I have a tattoo in honour of Aaron Schwartz

For many years I have allowed people to copy and use the content from my blog after being inspired by Aaron Schwartz and the free software movement. I did my legal honours thesis on open source software programming and got tattooed on my ribs to remind me of my commitment to open sharing of knowledge.

2. I own a string of Ancient Egyptian beads

I have loved everything ancient Egypt since I was a kid, and sometimes wish I’d become an Egyptologist! In fact, Egypt was the second country I solo travelled to when I was just 18. My husband knew this, and managed to find me a string of ancient egyptian funerary beads in an antiques shop in York, England.

3. I am very political

Although I try to keep it off this blog to keep things light, I have a lot of political opinions. My family growing up always encouraged open and honest debate and as a result I really enjoy engaging with others and don’t shy away from a passionate exchange of ideas!

4. While at law school, I taught myself computer programming

I have been interested in web design and computers ever since I was a little kid – I taught myself HTML as a 7 year old to jazz up my neopets page (oh the nostalgia). While at law school I set up my own web design business to help support myself, and learnt HTML, CSS and Javascript – and then Python as well. I am still learning, but I really enjoy it.

5. I suffer from anxiety and depression

This one is not quite as much fun but I wanted to put it out there. I’ve noticed amongst a lot of travel bloggers, everyone is always happy and winning! Unfortunately I do not always feel that way as I developed severe anxiety while at law school and have had on and off bouts of depression since my teens. I have been working hard to get it under control but it’s a constant struggle sometimes! It is a topic I hope to write more about on my blog.

6. I planned my wedding in six weeks

For a bunch of different reasons, Tom and I only had six weeks to plan our wedding. Luckily, this was just after I finished university and was looking for work, so I had a lot of time on my hands! We managed to throw it all together in just six weeks, and it honestly was the wedding of my dreams. I wouldn’t change a thing!

7. I hope to have financial independence within a few years

Another topic I hope to cover more on this blog is my quest for financial independence. I have been interested in money for a long time, and authors like Scott Pape and his NYC counterpart Ramit Sethi have taught me that control of your finances = control of your life. I’m currently learning how to balance a love of travel with a love of saving, with a goal to eventually have total control over my life and no worries about money and being chained to my job. I’ll keep you updated!

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