It had been awhile since I had the opportunity to photograph people on my travels! I have to admit, I think I was pretty rusty since my poor old Canon 7D has sat in a cupboard feeling pretty lonely for over a year now! On my trips to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, I left the SLR at home and opted just for my iPhone. I have to say, I don’t care what any Apple fanatics say – nothing beats a good SLR!

Since I think photographing strangers surreptitiously is pretty rude, I welcome opportunities to snap away at performers! This opportunity came at the Kandy Cultural Show, held inside a very regal if slightly run down theatre. Amongst hundreds of tourists (where did they all come from? Sri Lanka seemed so untouristed til we arrived at the show), I managed to set up on the front row of the balcony.

I’m not thrilled at the quality of all my photos but it was a bit of fun. It was quite dark in the theatre so I had to turn my ISO count right up, much to my disgust. This gave the photos the grainy quality. I also had some fun trying to capture the very impressive flips and twirls done by the male dancers.

The only lens I brought on the trip was my Tamron 24 – 270mm. The obvious “pro” of this lens is you only need one for the whole trip. You definitely trade off the quality of the photos though. Anyway, here are a selection of pictures which I hope give you a feel for the Cultural Show in Kandy, Sri Lanka!

Female Sri Lankan cultural dancers in Kandy Sri Lanka

Female Sri Lankan cultural dancers in Kandy Sri Lanka

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