It has been a few weeks since we landed back from our trip to Sri Lanka & the Maldives, and I’m already dreaming of new adventures! We do have some new plans on the go (more about those soon), however we’ve also been looking closer to home to get our travel fix. Therefore I was really excited to attend the 2017 Adelaide Multicultural Festival, held in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall. The event was totally free, and showcased fabulous food, dancing and art from many different groups.

One of my favourite things about living in Adelaide is how multicultural it is, and it was great to see our many diverse communities represented. Right down the centre of Rundle Mall, there were heaps of stalls by communities including Bulgarian, Peruvian, Nigerian, Tanzanian, Croatian, El Salvadorean, Chinese and many more!

Most of the stalls offered delicious food, much to my delight. We decided to make our lunch African themed, with a tasty lamb curry from the West African stall, and some chapati and skewers from Tanzania. It was a hard decision though, with so many great meals on offer. Sadly by the time we’d finished up our lunch, most of the desert options had sold out – the delicious looking Greek baklava certainly didn’t last long!

Other stalls offered information, including the Bulgaria stall which has now made it onto the bucket list due to their devotion to wine (something I can always get behind). Another interesting stall was the Muslim Women’s Association, where 3 women talked about Islam in an effort to help promote mutual understanding.

Some of my favourite stalls were those that had activities, including African hair beading and jewellery making. One of the most interesting was ‘turbans and trust‘, a stall put on by the Sikh community in Adelaide, where participants could get a turban tied for free, ‘to open up a conversation about people, faith, difference and community’. I really loved this initiative, and it was amazing to see people of so many cultures proudly sporting their bright orange turbans!

The final aspect of the festival was the traditional dancing. The festival had two main stages which both featured incredible multicultural performances. One of my favourite was the Indian Gatka dancing/martial art, which featured many fierce performers including a badass young lady who managed to split a lantern in half with her sword. Another highlight was the Brazilian samba dancers who managed to bring a bit of Carnevale to Rundle Mall!

All in all, it was a great event! It was fantastic to see so many groups come out and share their cultures. Given all that is going on in the world in 2017, it is so great to see people proudly sharing their culture with a sense of openness and pride. I think these kind of events are so important for helping to encourage understanding and friendship between people of all different backgrounds.

Plus, I think events like this are so great for those of us travellers who can’t be full-time nomads! It definitely gives you a taste of the excitement and adventure that comes with new foods, sounds, and experiences! Therefore, I definitely recommend that any “grounded” travellers keep an eye out for these kind of festivals to bring a bit of the travel magic to your everyday life.

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