Eek, I can’t believe I have managed to go more than 2 weeks without blogging!

The first reason for my temporary hiatus is that my Grandma has been in hospital, so I have been spending a fair bit of my spare time with her. Luckily, she is on the mend – in a regular ward now (moved from the ICU) and cracking jokes. That said I have been busy, and also truthfully the worry has made me feel less compelled to write. Writing tends to be something I do when I am happy, so in stressful times it is more of a push for me. Given this blog is mostly a hobby, I don’t want writing here to be a chore.

I’ve also been having a bit of a stressful time at work. We are understaffed at the moment which has put a lot of pressure on me. Between this, my grandma, and a few other personal issues – it’s been a bit tough. Something I am currently looking into is seeing a psychologist for help managing my stress levels, because I’ve realised my current strategies aren’t fabulous.

Despite these stresses, I am pleased to be back! Plus, I haven’t abandoned the site totally – I’ve been doing some updates in the background. Firstly I have added SSL to the website, to add an extra layer of security. I’ve also installed cacheing in the hopes it will speed things up a bit. I have also been testing out a brand new lens which I’m looking forward to using to take more snaps for you.

So what will the next few weeks look like? Well, I am planning on focussing on two topics for my blog: firstly, things to see and do in my home town of Adelaide, and second, more lifestyle content. As I said in a previous post, I made a conscious decision to rebrand my blog away from travel only, as there are wider things I would like to share. So I’m looking forward to having some different content for you all over the next few weeks.

One final small announcement, but I have recently restarted selling travel articles on Fiverr. I know some freelancers have a pretty poor opinion of Fiverr, but I am trying to build up a portfolio and bring in a bit of additional income to help speed up some travel plans on the horizon. If you are interested in hiring me to write articles at exceptionally reasonable rates, check out my profile here.

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