One of the things I love the most about my city is how multicultural it is. While I’m currently on a temporary break from travelling (in order to restore the bank balance), I thought I’d start a new mini series focussing on multicultural eateries around Adelaide. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make every letter in the alphabet, but let’s see how we go.

A is for Afghanistan

Parwana Afghan Kitchen, 124B Henley Beach Road, Mile End

Bookings recommended: (08) 8443 9001

This series is off to a good start, with one of my absolute favourite Adelaide restaurants up first. Parwana Afghan Kitchen has been a favourite of my family for about ten years, and it never fails to delight me every time I visit.

The first time I visited Parwana was back in about 2009, with my family. I’d never eaten Afghan food before and really had no idea what to expect. What we found was hearty, delicious food in a humble family atmosphere. At Parwana, mum cooked, and dad and daughter were the wait staff. It didn’t take long until we got talking with the youngest daughter about how an Afghan restaurant had come to be in the western suburbs of Adelaide.

The family behind Parwana was one of the very first Afghan families to arrive in Australia, in the late 1980s. They fled the country they had once loved, and hoped to bring a little bit of the joy and hospitality they remembered from their homeland to Adelaide. Obviously, they stumbled upon something pretty amazing, because nearly 10 years later it is still going strong – but still remains its charm and warmth.

Their website states:

 It is in this spirit that diners at Parwana are welcomed like guests into a home, and treated to the culinary pleasures of age-old secrets of genuine Afghan cooking, hinting at the glory of the country the family once knew.

This is no surprise to me. The menu is absolutely delicious – there’s no need for recommendations here, just pick a dish and enjoy. Personally, I am a dumpling addict, so the mantu (Afghan dumplings) are a must for me. The Qormeh Gosfand was a big hit with my carniverous husband, whereas the Banjaan Borani (eggplant simmered in tomato) pleased my vegan best friend.

The only bad thing about Parwana is that it’s impossible to sample their whole menu in one sitting (it was not for lack of trying on my part). Those of us who live in Adelaide are lucky to have this on our door step to try over and over, but those who are travellers to our state – this is still well worth a visit.

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